Monday, March 24, 2014

Summer Dreamin...

Dress, Sandals & Trench coat/Bewolf clothing, Blouse/Hubby's closet, Socks/American Apparel, Sunglasses/Lacoste, Handbag & belt/Thrift

Goodbye winter!!!...Summer can't seem to come fast enough for me...I'm missing the warmth...the pretty dresses the sandals... so I decided winter wasn't gonna stop me for this outfit post, I'm bringing Summer back and I think I did just that...Summer here I come...;) 


  1. Me too girl, me too. Love all the layers of this outfit, but then again you are the master of it.
    BTW - can't help but notice the snow on the ground. I take it you were super cold when you took this photo? :D

    - Gita
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    1. Thank you sweetheart.. you're the best... Yes it was about -10 degrees outside... lol.. pretty cold... ;) But spring is coming up pretty soon!!! XoXo Katia

  2. love your trench coat!