Monday, March 31, 2014

Laid Back...


Blazer & Purse/Thrift, Denim blouse/Hubby's Closet, Army color vest & Hat/Bewolf clothing, White Top, Sunglasses & jeans/H&M, Booties/Aldo (old)

Snow, Snow go away...we are end of March and still snow...As much as it's beautiful to look at...I think there's just no more positive way of looking at it for me...I'm fed up...It definitely makes it harder to figure out what to wear in the morning all I wanna do is dress like an onion lol...having to freeze my butt off while taking pictures & trying to find a decent location to not my idea of fun...salt on my nice boots...wet pant bottoms... I need Heatttttttt!!!!!!....;)

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