Sunday, November 17, 2013

My designs...

Get them -- HERE--
I've starting creating my own designs and I am proud to have completed my first 4 pieces...I wanted to share them with you guys and get your feedback's if any..."I call it the inner gypsy"

I'm currently updating my website and theses Items will be available to purchase shortly...:)
Enjoy your Sunday everybody...Xx


  1. Katia, these are some nice designs you've put together. I want to wish you the absolute best in these designs as well as in designing fashions every bit as beautiful and as unique as you are. This is a wonderful start.

    1. Yeyyy!!!!! that means the world to me...thank you so much John...I like to think that I'm heading in the right direction with my designs and it's always great hearing positive definitely keeps me motivated...thank you :)... I wish only positive things for you as deserve it...muahhhhhhh Xo

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