Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Touch of class...

Jumpsuit --HERE--, Blazer, Belt --HERE--/Bewolf clothing , Earrings/Forever 21

So here it is another one of my creations...I couldn't be happier on how it turned out... ...I really love it ...It's definitely gonna be hard for me to let this one go..I almost feel like keeping it all to myself lolll...:)


  1. Charming style yet again, Katia. This is very nice style by you. Any designer obviously wants to showcase his/her/their style and offer it in an appealing and enticing way. In no way do you fail to deliver on these fronts with this lovely jumpsuit and that blazer. Great way for you to lend your unique style to this outfit. Your hair looks lovely as well as your face. I dig the earrings as well. I Hyped this on LOOKBOOK earlier today.

    1. Thank you so much got it!!!!!!...that's exactly what I was trying to do ...Who better then to show how to wear the pieces that I design then myself...;)...your the best John ....muahhhh Xo