Monday, September 30, 2013

Goodbye Cayman Islands...

Hello my lovelies, well it's official we are back in Montreal & man has it been a crazy week for me... between trying to settle in our new place...helping my good friend with her baby shower...trying to see everybody I haven't seen in awhile I just had no time to post anything...but I'm back and ready to get started again...;)


  1. I am pleased you're doing fine, Katia. For someone who has only Followed your blog for only so long, I am sure you will be willing and ready to take on these new adventures as you return home. Let me just say that your Cayman Islands setting made for some wonderful pictures of your outfits and your surroundings.

    No matter what is next for you, I wish you the absolute best. You are someone as beautiful in spirit as you are in looks. Please take care of yourself and be well.

    1. Your so sweet John...Thank you so much for the kind words...It really means a lot to me...The feeling is mutual I wish you nothing but the best ...You truly are the sweetest person ever..Muahhhhhhhh....Xo