Friday, September 20, 2013

A Must Have....

Lately I've been obsessed with ear cuffs, there so cool looking...They totally add an unexpected twist to any outfit....I think its a definite must have, as soon as I arrive in Montreal this will for sure be my first purchase back... :)


  1. Ear cuffs can be stylish. They can range from mild to wild and have their own unique style. I like them. Just not really crazy about them, though.

    1. Your too cute John they're actually my new obsession right now, but give it a few weeks and I might not be as crazy about them lol...that's the thing about fashion it comes and goes so fast...:) Xo

  2. your blog is amazing..... those ear chains are really cool i have the cuff ones, with a leafs on it its sick im obsessed check out my fashion blog and facebook fan page !!!