Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Lucky 25...

Top/Target (DIY 25), Shorts & Blouse/ Zara, Beanie/Urban outfitters, Knee highs/H&M, Booties/ Aldo, Sunglasses/Joe

I've been wanting a number tee for quite a while now & couldn't find one on the island anywhere, so I decided to make my own....I took an old army tee that I had cut off the sleeves and collar, took some white fabric paint and painted on the number and voila!!! I got myself a lucky number 25 tee...;)


  1. The number 25 is a number I use in a number of sports games and racing games, so that provides a little as to why I like this outfit. I mentioned on LOOKBOOK that I'd Hype this 25 times to match the number on your shirt. Regardless, this is an awesome outfit! :)


    1. That's so cool John...what are the odds...Makes the #25 all the more special ;)...thanks for the comment...Xo