Friday, August 30, 2013

Bewolf & TPO Unleash their Wild side...

My outfit: Top/Urban planet, Skirt & Hat/Bewolf clothing,
Sandals/Steve Madden, Sunglasses/LA fashion district, Socks/American apparel  

So this weeks theme Leopard style...

I've always loved this print, unfortunately it's gotten a lot of bad rap for being more on the Tacky side, but I believe when worn right it can totally make an outfit look amazing...I think everyone should have this print in there closet and once in a while let there inner wild side come out...;)

Checkout the gorgeous Brittany's blog here: 

1 comment:

  1. If this was a comparison, I'd give the edge to you here. Brittany wears a very nice necklace, but I think the real edge in this outfit is just how cool your outfit is. The hat and the peep-toe shoes are the big difference makers and game changers here. I wouldn't have went with the socks (let alone yellow socks), but your outfit is great-looking.