Thursday, April 25, 2013

Getting Crafty...

So this week has been pretty busy for us we just moved into our new Condo, we are still in the Cayman's but wanted something a little smaller since the other place was way to big for just the two of us... So a new place means decorating fun for me, I started with the front entrance everything you see has been made or beautified by me lol from the entrance table to the bench to the accents, it was so much fun doing it, I love using random things I find and turning them into something pretty and here on the island there are so many ways to be creative and make decorations that cost barely's still not quite finished yet there's a few things I wanna do but so far I'm happy of the way it's turning out...I'll give you guys a whole tour of our place once were all settled in...enjoy your week everybody xo...


  1. Loooove it Katia!

    Je veux aller vivre chez toi. Dream house :)

    (Andrée-Anne Laberge)

    1. loll... your too cute ma belle Andree-Anne merci t'es toujours la bienvenue...Anytime ;)...Xo