Sunday, February 24, 2013

Like a cowboy...

Boots/Vintage/DIY, Shorts/Bewolf clothing, Tank/H&M, Sunglasses/Urban outfitters

I have to say Sunday's here in the Cayman's suck everything is closed not one store is open not even the groceries are open, so it kinda makes the day seem really long and boring, who's bright idea was this anyway, a girl needs her Sunday retail therapy... 

So when I don't shop I think and when I think I come up with all kinds of crazy ideas and today's bright idea was revamping my cowboy boots, I decided to use some of my old belts I had that were just laying around and not being used... surprisingly I was actually happy with the kinda made them seem cooler and unique looking...well I think so anyway lol...I have a new pair of boots and it didn't cost me a thing...yeeeyyy me lol...I guess Sunday's aren't that bad after all ;) ...enjoy your week everybody!!!

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