Monday, August 6, 2012

A peek into my closet...

Hey everybody!!! it's been awhile since I last posted, we just recently got our internet it nearly took a whole month to finally have the provider install it, it's definitely a slower pass lifestyle here but to be honest I kinda like gave me time to just laze around, do a little soul searching, take in everything and embrace just how lucky I'm am to have this unbelievable chance to be here and enjoy this beautiful island, sometimes you just need a little time away from the internet world so you can focus on things in the real world...but the one thing I'm still finding hard to deal with is being away from my family and friends I miss them like crazy... 
For some reason I still can't grasp the fact that we moved here it feels like I'm on a really long vacation lol,  It's definitely gonna take time for me to get settled and back into the beat of things but I'm sure I'll get there...So until then please be patient with me lol I'll do my best to post things on a regular basis ;) 

So today I decided to take you guys into my new closet there's still alot of things I have to get to better organize myself but I'm still really happy about the space...what you guys see is only half of my closet I only brought my most important pieces with me the rest is back in Montreal in storage... you can never have to much clothing lol...what can I say I'm a Shopaholic and proud of it ;) XX

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