Friday, May 18, 2012

The unexpected...

Tank top/Forever 21, Skirt/Bewolf clothing, Shoes/Steve madden

So we arrived in the Cayman Islands yesterday night and the most craziest thing happened to me lol... Once at the hotel we decided to take a walk outside heading towards the beach, I was admiring the beauty of it all when all of a sudden a freaken huge Cuban tree frog jumped on my head...I was in complete hysterics the dam thing was hanging in my hair and it wasn't letting go can only imagine the scene Miss Girlie girl screaming at the top of her lungs jumping everywhere trying to get this slimmy creature off of me...meanwhile my boyfriend was just standing there laughing  at how crazy I was looking... I  finally somehow managed to pull it off my head...YYUUUCCKKK!!! was the most  disgusting thing ever...I headed straight for the shower...not the ideal welcome I was hoping for, let's just say I'm not quite the reptiley

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