Saturday, January 28, 2012

Rise and shine...

Good morning everybody!!!..Today is gonna be a crazy jam-packed day for me...I actually thought I was gonna get to relax and do nothing this weekend, it seems as though something always pops up last I woke up this morning in the mood of reorganizing, redecorating my and my bright ideas...there's so many things I need to get ride of ...but just can't seem to let never know when you'll need it...later this afternoon I'm gonna go over to my moms house and surprise her with theses laundry cubes that I have that she's been dying to have so I decided to finally let them go loll they no longer fit in my decor...out with the old in with the new lol ..then its pretty much alot of running around doing erins...and later tonight it couples night with my friends...can't wait ...Hope you all enjoy your day...xox

I'll post more pics later...pinky swear ;)

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